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Haverhill, MA – Ultrasonic Systems, Inc. (USI) announced today the installation of a PRISM-1200 system at major touch panel manufacturer. The PRISM system is being used to apply anti-smudge (anti-fingerprint) coatings to touch panel displays such as ATMs, point-of-sale kiosks, and more. Compared with conventional coating technologies, USI’s patented nozzle-less ultrasonic spray system delivers a thinner, uniform, defect-free coating to a variety of materials substrates.

“We are happy that our PRISM-1200 system was chosen for its ability to handle high-precision applications,” said Drew Erickson, CEO of USI. “It delivers tight process control and a selectable finished film thickness in the sub-micron range for this process.”

The touch panel manufacturer is using USI’s PRISM-1200 system to automate processes and enhance performance, throughput, quality, and cost effectiveness of their display coating stage. The PRISM-1200 system provides the capability to apply their proprietary coatings at the required thickness reliably.

USI’s PRISM systems provide greater process control and uniformity than other spray systems on the market. The product line includes PRISM-400, PRISM-500, PRISM-800, and the recently introduced PRISM-1200 for larger format coating applications.