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Haverhill, MA USA – October 15, 2019 – The fuel cell market continues to grow rapidly with projections of more than 20% CAGR through the mid-2020s. Commercial-scale manufacturing is spread throughout China, India Europe, the United States, and Russia as a wider set of consumer application areas emerge, such as personal transportation, portable back-up power, and residential primary power. While industry leaders look into the future, manufacturers across the globe are increasing their production capabilities to meet with real-world demand.

Ultrasonic Systems, Inc. (USI), a leader in high performance coating application equipment and an early entrant into the fuel cell market, is reporting a sharp increase in shipments of its PRISM ultra-Thin Coating Application Technology (tCAT) spray coating platforms for use in fuel cell manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia. Manufacturers have shifted their equipment investment from the lab-scale PRISM 400 to larger PRISM 500 and 800 systems for added capacity in their commercial-scale manufacturing lines.

“The increase in shipments to fuel cell manufactures quite accurately matched projections for growth in the adoption of this innovative power generation technology,” said Stuart Erickson, President at USI. “USI’s PRISM systems with our tCAT innovation will significantly contribute the mass commercialization of fuel cell technologies by delivering a reliable and efficient method for the application of various coatings used in the manufacturing process.”

The coating process presents a major challenge to developers and manufacturers of fuel cells. Many of the coatings used in fuel cell manufacturing are suspensions and may contain precious metals like platinum, carbon, and ceramics, among others. These materials are often expensive, require specialized liquid delivery systems, and need to be applied uniformly at a specified thickness. USI’s coating systems, featuring patented, nozzle-less ultra-Thin Coating Application Technology (tCAT), are proven for the precise deposition of catalyst inks, electrolyzers, slurries, and other proprietary materials, critical to PEM, DMFC and SOFC fuel cell production.

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