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Learn Why Ultra-Thin Coating
Application Technology
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USI’s ultra-Thin Coating Application Technology is ideal for the thin, uniform application of a wide variety of coatings from pure solutions to high-solids suspensions and slurries.  USI’s patented ultrasonic spray technology delivers coating thicknesses from sub-micron and up.  Our coating systems combine patented “nozzle-less” ultrasonic spray technology with a precision metering pump liquid delivery system, an advanced motion and positioning system for the spray head, and a substrate transport system for production-level manufacturing.


The PRISM-400 BT Benchtop Coating System is an X-Y-Z motion and positioning platform designed for the application of a wide variety of coatings for R&D and lab-scale requirements. The system is configured for each application.  Prism 400 


The PRISM 500 is a free-standing high-performance X-Y-Z coating system used for a wide variety of applications. This flexible and highly configurable system is ideal for both production and R&D applications. Prism 500


The PRISM-800 is a large format, high-speed spray coating system designed for the thin, uniform application of coatings for high-volume, high-throughput requirements.  The system is used across multiple markets. Prism 800


The PRISM-1200 is a high-speed, high-performance spray coating tool designed for the thin, uniform application of a variety of low viscosity coatings to large glass panels and other flat substrates up to 1.2m wide. Prism 1200