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    Solar Applications

    USI’s photovoltaic coating systems provide increases in manufacturing quality, efficiency, throughput, and reliability for the following processes:

    1. Laser Doped Selective Emitter (LDSE): Selective emitter formation is a proven process to increase the efficiency of crystalline solar cells;
    2. In-line Thermal Diffusion: In-line thermal diffusion replaces the traditional batch process for the production of crystalline solar cells;
    3. Anti-reflection Coating: Anti-reflection applications optimizes solar energy performance;
    4. The application of Cadmium Chloride and other salt containing solutions for Thin-Film Solar Manufacturing: The highly corrosive and sometimes toxic properties of these critical materials require precision coating deposition and material handling;
    5. Various coatings for perovskite and polymer organic solar cells.

    Contact us to discuss your particular application requirements.

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    Prism 1200 for Thin Film Solar Applications
    PV360 for Application of Dopants to Silicon Solar Wafers