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Haverhill, Massachusetts, November 17, 2016 – Ultrasonic Systems, Inc. (USI), a leading manufacturer of high-performance ultrasonic spray coating equipment for the semiconductor, fuel cell, solar, electronics assembly, and medical markets announces the release of the MAX-1200 coating system to its product line.

The MAX-1200 leverages USI’s proprietary, nozzle-less ultrasonic spray head technology for the thin, uniform application of a variety of coatings such as anti-reflective, CdCl2, anti-smudge, adhesion promoters, and other specialty coatings used in the solar, lens, and display markets.

Designed to meet high throughput production requirements, the MAX-1200 features a programmable high-speed X-Y-Z gantry to process glass plates or other substrates up to 1.2 meters wide at a process speed of up to 3.3 meters per minute.  The system employs a unique bi-directional coating application sequence that provides an ultra-uniform coating layer onto the substrate.

“We are pleased to introduce our newest high-performance spray coating system as we continue to expand our product line to meet increasingly demanding customer requirements.” said Drew Erickson, CEO of Ultrasonic Systems.