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Haverhill, Massachusetts, April 7, 2015 – Ultrasonic Systems, Inc. (USI), a leading manufacturer of high-performance ultrasonic spray coating equipment for electronics assembly, medical, fuel cell, semiconductor and solar applications announces the release of the PRISM-500 product line configured with new options for the application of conformal coatings to printed circuit boards. A teach camera and an offline programming tool have been developed to increase the ease of creating coating recipes. The teach camera option is fully integrated with the Prism graphical user interface for seamless programming and process verification.

USI’s unique and proprietary nozzle-less ultrasonic spray technology is ideal for the thin and uniform application of a variety of conformal coatings. In addition to ultrasonic spray head technology, USI offers a variety of coating applicators including Micro-Line Digital Dispensing Valve, Dual-Mode Spray Valve and Dispensing Valve.

“We are pleased to expand the capabilities of our Prism product line to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of our customers in the electronics assembly” said Stuart Erickson, President of Ultrasonic Systems, “We believe that these new features in combination of our numerous coating applicators will deliver unparalleled coating performance.”

For precision conformal coating, the Prism is configured with a PMP liquid delivery system coupled with a Micro-Line Digital Dispensing Valve and Dual-Mode Spray Valve. USI coating systems are industry proven with more than 2,500 systems installed worldwide across multiple market segments.