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PRISM-500CC: Optimized for Electronics Assembly Applications
The PRISM-500CC was developed to meet the requirements of the printed circuit board electronics assembly market. The PRISM 500CC is a high performance selective conformal coating system with programmable X-Y-Z motion for USI’s spray valve and dispensing technology. This fully programmable system is used for the precision application of a wide variety of conformal coatings including urethanes, acrylics, silicones and UV curable materials to assembled printed circuit boards.

Features and benefits:

    • Spray and dispensing head technologies include:
        • USI Dual-Mode Spray Valve
        • USI Flat Pattern Spray Valve
        • USI Dispensing Valve
        • USI Microline Digital Dispensing Head
      • Multiple liquid delivery system configurations including:
        • Precision Metering Pump
        • Multiple size pressurized reservoirs
        • Multiple size “paint pot” style reservoirs
      • Available in a batch configuration or with in-line SMEMA compatible conveyor
      • Automatic spray head clean and purge
      • Designed to spray flammable solvents
      • Isolated and ventilated spray area
      • Easy to use Windows based programming software and GUI
      • Other options include:
          • Pneumatic spray head/dispense head tilt and toggle
          • Spray head rotation and tilt
          • Solvent Purge system
          • Bar code reader
          • Coating volume monitoring
          • Tandem spray head operation
          • Offline programming
          • Teach camera
          • Auto-fill solvent cup
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