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Fuel Cell Applications

USI’s fuel cell coating systems features patented, nozzle-less ultra-Thin Coating Application Technology (tCAT). Ultra-Spray Coating heads employ ultrasonic energy to produce the spray and a low pressure-directed air stream to shape the required pattern. This technology is ideal for the thin, uniform application of a variety of coatings onto carbon paper and cloth GDL’s, membranes, interconnect plates and cylindrical substrates for high and low-temperature PEM, DMFC, and SOFC fuel cells. Coating transfer efficiencies of 95% and the non-clogging, nozzle-less spray head design offers a superior choice compared to conventional spray techniques. Typical coatings include:

  • Precious metal based catalyst inks and suspension containing Pt, PtC and Ir
  • Ceramic powder based slurries
  • Electrolyte solutions
  • Other proprietary coatings

USI’s coating platforms feature Precision Metering Pump liquid delivery technology with integrated fluid stirring, keeping suspensions and inks properly mixed while offering micro-stepping motor controlled positive displacement fluid delivery to the spray head. Systems can also be configured with programmable substrate heat plates with a vacuum. USI has many systems installed worldwide for both R&D and fuel cell production.

USI product line for fuel cell coating:

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