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Semiconductor Packaging

Application of EMI Shield Material to Components – Individual Coating Lines
Application of EMI Shield Material to Components – Continuous Mead Motion

Display & Lens

Prism 800: Large Panel Coating
Prism 1200: Large Panel Coating (1.2 Meters Wide)

Fuel Cell

PRISM: Application of Fuel Cell Catalyst with Dual Mode CAT 35 ILDS Ultrasonic Spray Head

Fuel Cell Coating: Tubular Substrate
Fuel Cell Coating: Large Area Fast with Blade Head

Medical / Biomedical

Coating Balloon Catheter
Coating Rotating Tubular Substrate
Coating Rotating Substrate with Profile – Coordinated Z-Asis Motion
Coating Circular Mesh Substrate


PV 360: Application of Dopants to Silicon Wafers

Electronics Assembly

Precision Conformal Coating Application with Micro-Line Digital Dispensing Valve
Conformal Coating with Tandem Dual Mode Spray Valves