USI delivers high-performance production coating systems critical to the manufacture of photovoltaic products utilizing our proprietary, nozzle-less ultrasonic spray head technology. The nozzle-less ultrasonic spray difference:

  • Thin, uniform, non-contact application of a variety of materials including phosphoric acid, boric acid, cadmium chloride solutions, and anti-reflection coatings;
  • Reduce waste of coating materials dramatically, and save;
  • Integrate easily into exiting in-line manufacturing.

Crystalline Cell Manufacturing
The PV-360 coating system is used by leading, global PV cell manufacturers in these applications:

  • Laser Doped Selective Emitter (LDSE)
  • In-line Thermal Diffusion

Thin Film Module Manufacturing
The MAX-1200 coating system is the lastest large substrate coating system developed by USI for the thin film solar market.  This system is used for:

  • Application of cadmium chloride and other salt solutions 
  • Application of anti-reflective coatings
Whatever your application, our systems meet real-world customer needs, including:
  • Proprietary nozzle-less ultrasonic spray head technology
  • Thin, uniform coating thickness down to sub-micron level
  • Coating transfer efficiency up to 99%
  • System designed for compatibility and containment of coating materials
  • Self cleaning functionality for low maintenance and low cost of ownership
  • User-friendly system operation

Visit our product pages for more details about our PV-360 and MAX-1200 coating platforms or contact us for more details.