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PRISM: Optimized for Semiconductor Packaging Applications
The PRISM-500 is a fully programmable X-Y-Z coating system for the precise application of photo-resists, polyimides, photoimagable soldermasks, conductive inks, silver paints and other materials. Available in batch configuration or with an in-line conveyor, the PRISM leverages USI's patented, nozzle-less ultrasonic spray technology that is industry-proven for a more accurate, thinner coating than conventional air atomizing nozzle or spin coating methods.

Features and Benefits

  • Proprietary nozzle-less ultrasonic spray head technology
  • Thin, uniform defect free coating application down to sub micron, coatings include:
    • Photoresists
    • Polyimides
    • Carbon nanotube and nanoparticle solutions
    • SOL-GEL solutions
    • Silver paints for EMI and RF shielding
    • Other proprietary coatings
  • Up to 490mm x 420mm usable spray area
  • Automatic spray head clean and purge functionality
  • Available as batch machine or with in-line conveyor
  • High coating material transfer efficiency:  up to 99%
  • PMP-100 Precison Metering Pump liquid delivery system, features:
    • Micro stepping positive displacement liquid metering pump
    • Single or dual pump configurations available
    • Automatic pump refill from coating reservoir
    • Data logging
  • Easy to use Windows 7 based graphical user interface

Options Include:

  • Active HEPA filtration
  • 90 degree pnueumatic spray head rotation
  • Substrate heater with vacuum
  • Covered actuators and catch trays