CAT35 ILDS head

Semiconductor Packaging Applications

USI's nozzle-less ultrasonic coating technology is proven effective in applying a variety of coatings used in semiconductor packaging applications.  Nozzle-less ultrasonic spray technology has proven effective at applying a thin, uniform film of coating to substrates that are not suited for spin coating techniques, such as odd shaped wafers, glass panels, MEMS devices and semiconductor packages, typical coatings include:

  • Photoresists
  • Polyimides
  • Photo-imagable solder masks
  • Silver coatings for EMI shielding applications
  • SOL-GEL soluitions
  • Other proprieatary coatings

Coating thicknesses of down to sub-micron level are easily acheived with superior uniformity and very high levels of transfer effeciency.

USI manfuactures a full complement of high performance spray coating equipment; the Prism BT Benchtop is designed for lab scale and R&D coating requirements, the Prism 500 coating system is a small footprint, stand-alone tool suitable for low to mid volume manfacturing requirements and the Prism 800 is engineered as a large format, high volume production machine.

Please visit our Prism 400 BT (Benchtop), Prism 500, and Prism 800 product pages or contact us directly for more information.