Semiconductor Packaging

There are many scenarios where "non standard" semiconductor wafers and other flat substrates require the thin, uniform application of photoresist.  Such cases include wafers with surface structures, features, or trenches, and wafers or substrates with non-circular shapes.  The traditional spin coating method has proven ineffective in applying a thin, uniform coating in these cases and it wastes a significant amount of coating.

Other semiconductor applications include the deposition of polyimides, conductive inks and paints containnig silver and copper, and liquids containing carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles.

Whatever the requirement, USI's patented, nozzle-less ultrasonic spray technology can provide the precision and reliability necessary.

USI manfuactures a full complement of high performance spray coating equipment; the Prism 400 BT Benchtop is designed for lab scale and R&D coating requirements, the Prism 500 coating system is a small footprint, stand-alone tool suitable for low to mid volume manfacturing requirements and the Prism 800 is engineered as a large format, high volume production machines.

Please visit our Prism 400 BT (Benchtop), Prism 500, and Prism 800 product pages or contact us directly for more information.