Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell Applications

USI's fuel cell coating systems features patented, nozzle-less ultrasonic spray head technology. Ultra-Spray Coating heads employ ultrasonic energy to produce the spray and a low pressure-directed air stream to shape the required pattern. This technology is ideal for the thin, uniform application of a variety of coatings onto carbon paper and cloth GDL's, membranes, interconnect plates and cylindrical substrates for high and low temperature PEM, DMFC, and SOFC fuel cells.  Coating transfer efficiencies of 95% and the non-clogging, nozzle-less spray head design offers a superior choice compared to conventional spray techniques.  Typical coatings include:

  • Precious metal based catalyst inks and suspension containing Pt, PtC and Ir
  • Ceramic powder based slurries
  • Electrolyte solutions
  • Other proprietary coatings

USI's coating platforms feature Precision Metering Pump liquid delivery technology with integrated fluid stirring, keeping suspensions and inks properly mixed while offering micro stepping motor controlled positive displacement fluid delivery to the spray head.  Systems can also be configured with programmable substrate heat plates with vacuum.  USI has many systems installed world-wide for both R&D and fuel cell production. 

USI product line for fuel cell coating:

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