Fuel Cell

The coating process presents a major challenge to developers and manufacturers of fuel cells.  Many of the coatings used in fuel cell manufacturing are suspensions and may contain precious metals, carbon, and ceramics, among others. These materials are often expensive, require specialized liquid delivery systems, and often times clog nozzle-based spray technologies.  USI's coating system, featuring patented, nozzle-less ultrasonic spray technology are proven for the precise deposition of catalyst inks, electrolyte materials, slurries, and other proprietary materials, critical to PEM, DMFC and SOFC fuel cell production.  The PRISM-400 BT and the PRISM-500 systems are ideal for R&D and small to mid volume production; the PRISM-800 system is engineered for high volume production requirements.

Maximize materials usage, lower BOM costs, and increase manufacturing efficiency with more precise, more reliable coating systems from USI.

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